ValueGen Financial Insurance Company, Inc. (“ValueGen”) was initially granted authority by the Insurance Commission in 1997 to operate a composite life and non-life insurance license as Urbancorp Life and General Insurance, Inc. Its rebirth principally arose from the unprecedented merger of the Export and Industry Bank (EIB) with Urban Bank, Inc. and Urbancorp Investments, Inc. (UII). From Urban Bank Life then arose ValueLife Financial Insurance Company, Inc. In the middle of 2005, following corporate realignments, the non-life insurance portfolio was spun off to become ValueGen.

Albeit the newest player in the Philippine insurance industry, ValueGen is envisioned to be among the more professionally run financial institutions in the country providing the best financial protection and wealth management services tailored to customers in every market we are in business to serve. With the flexibility provided by its non-life insurance license, ValueGen has the capacity to service the broadest range of insurance requirements for individuals and corporations.

ValueGen’s total liquid assets are in excess of P130 million, with no debt. It is managed by a seasoned team of decision-makers with over 100 years in combined professional experience in the fields of finance and insurance.

We are steadfast in our commitment. We will be there when you need us.