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Sunday, October 31, 2010  

4 Easy Steps to shop with your Experteller

1. Present your Experteller card to the cashier
2. Select savings or current account
3. Enter your (Personal Identification Number) PIN
4. Get Your transaction receipt

Benefits to Cardholders

  • Convenience
    - ease-of-use transaction limits
    - cashless shopping widely accepted
    - no enrollment required
    - nationwide presence
    - PIN-based access
  • Image-enhancing
    - New, Innovative
  • Cheaper channel
    - No charges for usage
    - Transaction is treated as cash purchase
List of Affiliated Merchant Establishments
Abenson Home Gallery Save More Supermarket
Anson's Homeworks Shop Wise
Asian Terminal Iloilo Supermart SM Shoemart
Automaric Center Int'l Cont. Terminal Svcs SMS Global Technologies
Big R Supercenter Isetann Sta. Lucia
British India Laguna Goodwill Trans Asia Shipping Lines
Cebu Air, Inc. Lopue's Toy Kingdom
Cebu Ferries Men's Studio True Value
Cherry Foodarama Metro Gaisano U2
Cinderalla Parco Uniwide
Esprit Pioneer Center Waltermart
Ever Planet Toys Watson's
Fairmart Plaza Fair Western Marketing
Goldilocks Bake Shop Robinson's  
Handyman Rustan's Supermarket  
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