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Monday, January 10, 2011  

Exportbank Home Loan
Corporate Finance


Exportbank Home Loan

The Exportbank Home Loan will help you acquire, build or renovate your dream home so you can attend to whom matters most - your family.

Exportbank Home Loan is custom-built to meet your financial specifications and provide you with the most flexible terms.


  • Purchase of House & Lot, Condominium, Townhouse or Lot
  • Construction, Renovation or Expansion of residential properties
  • Refinancing from In-House Developer or from other financial institution


Up to twenty (20) years (subject to borrower's qualification)


Up to 80% of Appraised Value


Of legal age but not older than 65 years old at loan maturity with regular source of income

For more info, please visit any Exportbank branch near you or call our Consumer Loans at , , , .

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Corporate Finance

The bank's Corporate Finance business focuses on providing financial advisory services for corporate and public sector institutions going to the capital markets for funding via fixed income or equity based instruments. The bank prepares feasibility studies and formulate municipal bond flotation instrument designs for Local Government Units (LGUs). To generate liquidity from existing portfolio of loans and other receivables, the bank can facilitate and arrange the issuance of asset backed securities through a special purpose trust. In line with the investment banking thrusts, the bank can also handle funds arranging, term loan syndication, venture capital and project finance for selected corporate customers.

Corporate Loan Product

These are actually certificates issued by big private corporations with maturities of up to 1 year. These certificates are sold at a discount or discount-to-yield basis with coupon (or interest) payment of zero or floating coupon (monthly re-pricing), respectively.


  • OMNIBUS LINES (OML) - compilation of all types of loans according to purpose and booking
  • TIME LOAN (TL) - loans which are granted for a fixed period of time but interest are not discounted
  • DISCOUNTING LINE (DL) - loans which are granted for a fixed period of time but interest are discounted
  • EXPORT PACKING CREDIT LINE (EPCL) / EXPORT ADVANCE LOAN (EAL) - loans which uses LC as collateral
  • DEMAND LOAN (DEM) - loans with no definite maturity date and payable upon demand
  • TERM LOAN (TERM) - loans which are granted for a term of more than one year
  • IMPORT BILLS (IB) - are shipping documents presented by the beneficiary (seller/exporter) to a correspondent (negotiating) bank abroad for payment
  • BILLS PURCHASED - checks drawn on other banks which are credited or deposited to a client?s deposit account with same value date upon purchase

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