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Employee Benefit Trust

The Employee Benefit Trust serves as a Retirement / Pension / Provident Plan for companies who wish to provide financial benefits to their eligible employees upon retirement / separation from their companies.

Escrow Agency

Exportbank Trust Banking Group acts as the Escrow Agent between two or more contracting parties to ensure delivery of deposits or payments and/or release of properties or assets to the right party upon fulfillment of contractual obligations by the concerned parties.

Insurance Trust Funds

A trustor may assign Exportbank Trust Banking Group as a trustee for his insurance proceeds for proper distribution to his beneficiaries upon his demise.

Living Trust Account

The Living Trust Account is designed for individuals who want to ensure that their property/ies or funds are distributed to the rightful / designated beneficiary/ies after their death.

A trustor can create a trust by transferring the title of ownership of his/her property or fund to Exportbank Trust Banking Group (the trustee) for the benefit of a third person/s (the beneficiary/ies). The trust can be revocable or irrevocable. Minimum amount required is PhP100,000 only.


  • Ensures distribution of property or funds to the beneficiary/ies in accordance with the trustor?s wishes, terms and conditions.
  • Guarantees control in the distribution of the property even after the trustor?s death.
  • Provides savings on estate taxes for irrevocable trust, since the property no longer forms part of the trustor's property when he dies.
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