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   Fixed Rate Checking Account
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Fixed Rate Checking Account

Regular peso checking account.

Required Initial Deposit
Required Average Daily Balance (ADB) To Earn Interest
Php 5,000.00
Interest Crediting Monthly
Required Min. Monthly ADB Php 5,000.00
Bank Statement
Modes of Withdrawal Over-the-counter encashment of check
Issuance of check
Purchase of Manager?s Check
Fund Transfer
Experteller Card

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Fees and Charges

Bank Services

Manager's Check/ Gift Check/ Counter Check
Php 30.00
Bank Deposit Certification
Php 100.00
Sale of Traveller's Checks (TCs) Peso equivalent of 1% of the amount of the TCs
Out-of-Town Clearing Check to Bank located where there is no BSP clearing unit Php 150.00 or 1/4 of 1% of the amount of check whichever is higher plus cost of postage
Safety Deposit Box Small - Php 600.00
Medium - Php 800.00
Large - Php 1,100.00


Below Minimum ADB Requirement
Peso CA/SA: Php 100.00/mo.
Dollar SA: USD $ 5.00/mo.
Late Funding Accomodations

Unfunded but honored: Php 1,000.00/check & Php 200.00 for every Php 40K/check per day

Returned Check: Php 2,000.00/check & Php 200.00 for every Php 40K/check per day

Cheque Books Personal: Php 147.50/chequebook
Commercial: Php 295.00/chequebook
Dormant Account Peso CA/SA: Php 100.00/mo.
Dollar SA: USD $ 5.00/mo.
Replacement Cost for lost ATM card Php 50.00 per card
Withdrawal from other bank's ATM Php 10.00
Balance Inquiry at other bank's ATM Php 1.50
Penalty for Accounts Closed within 30 days Peso CA/SA: Php 100.00
Dollar SA: USD $ 5.00

Inward Remittance Charges

Bank commission (BC)- USD remittance for credit to USD account
USD 5.50
USD remittance converted to Peso for credit to Peso account
Inquire with Business Center OIC/ Teller for applicable rate used and differential/ spread

- Bank Commission (BC)

1/4 of 1% of peso equivalant or peso equivalaent of USD 5.50, whichever is higher

- Documentary Stamps Tax

Php 1.00 for every Php 200.00
Bank Commission (BC)- via Real Time Gross Settlement or RTGS Peso Remittance 1/4 of 1% of peso equivalant or peso equivalaent of USD 5.50, whichever is higher
Bank Commission (BC)- Third currencies for credit to USD account USD 5.50
Bank Commission (BC): For EPCS Peso remittance- end of day netting No charges
Bank comission (BC) : For PCHC USD remittance- end of day netting USD 5.50

Outward Remittance Charges

Bank commission (BC)- FX Telegraphic Transfer
Minimum of USD 5.50 (or 1/4 of 1% of the amount of TT whichever is higher, but not to exceed USD 85.00
Service Charge (SC)- FX Telegraphic Transfer
USD 15.00

Note: Total charges for FX-TT- minimum of USD 20.00 or maximum of USD 100.00

Service Charge (SC)- Fund Transfer via PDDTS

USD 12.50
Service charge (SC)- Fund Transfer via Real Time Gross Setlement (RTGS) Php 200.00

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Requirements for Opening of Accounts with Export and Industry Bank

Individual Account

In order to establish with reasonable certainty your identity, you need to show us the following IDs and provide us xerox copies for our file and ready reference:

  • at least one (1) of the following IDs: Passport, PRC or LTO Driver?s License, Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR); and
  • at least two (2) of the following IDs: Company ID, Credit Card with Picture, SSS/GSIS ID or School ID
  • One (1) 2 X 2 ID picture or photocopy of presented primary or secondary ID.

    Partnership Account
  • Article of Partnership
  • Certificate of Registration of Article of Partnership with SEC
  • Secretary?s Certificate of authorized signatories
  • Partnership resolution as to the operation of the account
Corporate Account
  • SEC Certificate of Registration
  • Article of Incorporation
  • By-Laws
  • Notarized Secretary?s Certificate of the Board Resolution covering the operation of the account

Non-Profit Organizations / Associations

  • Articles of Association/constitution.
  • By-laws of the congregation.
  • Election of the officers (current year) which delegates the officers who can sign for the account.
  • Acceptable IDs of each signatory.
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