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Friday, March 26, 2010  
Get back valuable time you need to focus on your business!

eB1 is eXPERT.Business.1, a package of business solutions and services to help free you from routine and complex tasks like collections, receiving payments, check preparation and releasing, payroll processing, and more. Let Exportbank handle these tasks for you and leave yourself free to lead, strategize and achieve!

Under eB1, you can avail any of the following services:

e.Collections Services:

We can process payments from your customers through the following channels:

Over-the-counter payments can be received by any of Exportbank?s branches and credited to your account.

ATM ? for companies with thousands of customers metrowide or nationwide, we can accept payments of their customers through the ATM. Payments can be made using any BancNet ATM card.

Point-of-Sale ? for companies with heavy-traffic retail outlets, like supermarkets, we can provide you our Expert Pay point-of-sale solution that will allow your customers to pay using any BancNet ATM card. Your customer will have the convenience of not having to bring cash, and his transaction is secured by his PIN, which he enters to confirm payment. The amount will also be credited to your account at Exportbank.

Internet -another option is for your customers to pay you via internet fund transfer using our EXPERTeller Online facility.

e.Payments Services:

We simplify the process for your various payments:

Online Fund Transfer ? you can also directly transfer funds to your payees who have an account with Exportbank, via internet, through our EXPERTeller Online facility.

Expert Payroll ? beyond simply crediting payroll to your employees? accounts, you can also relieve yourself of the hassles of payroll computation, diskette preparation, payslips and reports preparation, including the preparation of all government required reports.

Other Services:

Services like deposit-pick up and checkwarehousing can also be provided.


To avail any or all of these services under eB1, you need to have a current (CA) or a savings account (SA) with an EXPERTeller card at any Exportbank branch.

Visit the Exportbank branch nearest you or call our E-Services information desk at
T- to 645 for more details.

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