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Friday, March 26, 2010  

Convenience Banking

With our EXPERTeller ATM card, it?s like having your whole bank account in your pocket?it?s as good as paying in cash?it?s safe and better than carrying cash...

It?s Your Money Card?

You can use it to pay when you?re on a shopping spree through the BancNet Point-of-Sale (POS) System. No need to bring your cash... Just flash it anytime and anywhere?

...And What?s More...

With EXPERTeller you can do banking transactions such as?

  • Withdraw with any BancNet and Megalink ATM
  • Pay your utility bills from any BancNet ATM
  • Do balance inquiry
  • Request for Checkbook
  • Request for a mini Statement of Account
  • Do fund transfer from one account to another
  • Change your Pin anytime
  • Go cashless shopping in over a hundred establishments

Why Bills Pay @ the ATM?

  • It?s EASY!
    easy procedures and standard screens
    pay bills anytime, everywhere in BancNet ATMs
  • SECURED Payment
    Account Numbers ?Check Digit? Validation
  • Fast update of accounts by billers
  • Transaction record is honored as proof of payment
  • No need to enroll account
  • All BancNet cards can be used to pay bills
  • No transaction fees (ATM cardholder)
  • 24-hour assistance by BancNet Help Desk

Easy Steps to pay your monthly bills with your Experteller

1. Insert ATM Card
2. Enter PIN
3. Press ?Bills Payment?
4. Choose Category to Pay
5. Select specific Company / Biller to be paid
6. Enter Account/Subscriber Number with Company
7. Choose Account to be used for payment, SA or CA
8. Enter amount to be paid
9. Confirm amount entered
10. Get transaction receipt 

Yes! You can do all these with just one card in your pocket. So hurry? apply for your EXPERTeller card now!
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