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Wednesday, December 15, 2010  

Can?t invest because your small fund does not allow you access to high yielding products?

Why limit your money?s earning potential in low yielding investments when it can make more in our Unit Investment Trust Fund?


EXPERTFUND gives you maximum earnings potential by pooling your fund with other investors. Your risk exposure is minimized due to the diversified investments of the Fund.

  • HIGHER EARNINGS - Higher income compared to other accounts.
  • LOW INITIAL DEPOSIT - Competitive and low initial investment requirements.
  • CONVENIENCE - Open-ended. There is no need to monitor your maturities.

Together with other investors your peso gains the muscle and strength needed to venture into a wide horizon of high yielding financial instruments! Venture into new horizons with your EXPERTFUND managers and experience maximum peso leverage!

Individuals (Single or Joint Account Ownership)
Minimum Investment / Amount / Maintainng Balance
Income Expectation
Please contact your nearest branch or our Trust and Investment Division.

Open- ended
Minimum 30-day holding period

Fund Performnace as of 12/14/2010
--   1.30104
Trust Fee
Participating Trust Agreement and Confirmation of Participation


Our Trust and Investment Division is always ready to provide any additional information you may need.
Just call , , , , , or you may send an e-mail through this site.

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