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Wednesday, December 15, 2010  


Don?t be satisfied with the earnings you make in regular dollar savings accounts. Maximize your dollar earnings potential with Expert Green Fund.


Expert Green fund is a U.S. dollar- denominated common trust fund where your money is pooled with that of other investors. Your combined money forms a bigger fund. A bigger fund means having the power to make bigger placements and access to a wider range of investments.

Unlike similar dollar common trust funds that require high minimum investments, all you need is USD 1,000 to start growing. And your investment is open-ended, so you can enjoy liquidity and maximum earnings potential at the same time. Place your investment for 30 days and withdraw it at your will.

Invest in expert green fund today!

Individuals (Single or Joint Account Ownership)
Minimum Investment / Amount / Maintainng Balance
Income Expectation
Please contact your nearest branch or our Trust and Investment Division.

Open- ended
Minimum 30-day holding period

Fund Performnace as of 12/14/2010
--   1.37849
Trust Fee
Trust Indenture


Our Trust and Investment Division is always ready to provide any additional information you may need.
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